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Objectives and Policy

CMS Prodex mission is to be the reliable provider of project management, particularly in upstream tending to assure integrated oil, gas and geothermal production management and use. Our solutions encompass the complete set of production needs for the wells producing at economic margin. We are focused on rejuvenation of maturated oil and gas reservoir by applying new technology and software solutions (artificial lift methods design and optimization, intelligent real time monitoring, control and problem diagnosis using our own solutions).

Employees at CMS Prodex are always searching for better ways of optimizing production operations. The company has experts in hardware, software, artificial lift operations, and project management. While everyone has strengths in his own area, we all work together to ensure that the customer's needs are always met.

Our petroleum operations experts work closely together to assure that you receive the right combination of products and services that fit your requirements. Working together with all the different component experts ensures smoother integration of all the individual parts into the larger, field-wide solution.

The fundamental principles of service performance are based on the values, such as: integrity, customer focus, responsibility, team work and quality.


CMS Prodex provides solutions to assure that all requests will be fulfilled. We are always fair and honest; maintain high ethical and moral standards as we work with each other, as we conduct business, and as we build relationships. We demonstrate trust, and we believe in it.

Customer Focus

CMS Prodex fully understands the exact needs of its clients in the petroleum industry. We are always trying to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners by understanding their requirements and providing excellent service.


We embrace our individual contribution and commitment to do what is expected from us with unconditional accountability, steadfast initiative and the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.


CMS Prodex has experts in different fields but always works as a team, respect each other’s abilities and support company goals. Our team ensures that all technical aspects of the solution are fulfilled in a timely fashion. All of our experts have experience with optimization of petroleum systems and work closely with the client to implement total operations management solutions or any subsection of an integrated solution on field.


Quality, as a prime goal, is obtained by constant knowledge improvement and experiences gained from previous projects. All CMS Prodex consulting work is a peer review carried out by our senior consultants. In this way we achieve the highest quality on the market.