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Training - Knowledge Transfer

The crucial activity of CMS Prodex, since its foundation, has been the training of industrial personnel on production optimization and energy saving of petroleum energy system. CMS Prodex offers both open and in-house courses to petroleum production and process engineers and to the others interested in optimizing the petroleum systems. The combination of theory and practice makes the courses appropriate for those who want to learn about software simulators for solving practical problems of oil and gas well operations, as well as to increase efficiency of downstream plants.

We have always believed in revealing its latest technological findings in the form of technical papers at conferences and/or various industry and academic meetings and symposiums.

CMS Prodex knows the value of training and how it should be performed. We know what differences the training can make to all aspects of organizational and individual vitality, efficiency and effectiveness.

Best practices and lessons learned are the inputs for improving the company knowledge capacity, increasing productivity, reducing number of repeated mistakes and duplicating initiatives and impacting the key performance indexes directly to a company and its people.

CMS Prodex will give you, through its courses, the best practical knowledge how to handle all your future activities and solve any current problem you meet.

Why choose one of our courses?

The only and the best reason is that the training will enable you to follow the industry trends, technology and demands.

Our courses are conceived to be intensive, sharply focusing on practical working results through interaction, discussion and exercises rather than abstract academic theories in petroleum business.

Participants are given the opportunity to test how much they have learned and measure their progress and success throughout the course. We provide feedback and encourage the participants to learn from mistakes, so to improve future performance. We take notes of feedback from you and constantly develop, enhance and refine our courses to ensure that they meet the ever-changing needs of the petroleum profession. Learning together will give a group of participants a shared experience and enable them to talk in the same language.


How does it work?

It works in steps:

  • Making an informal enquiry to assess your needs
  • Finding solutions to meet your requirements and achieve your objectives
  • Submiting to you the proposal
  • Discussions about proposed solutions
  • Defining the location, date and cost of the course

For any further information, please contact us.

Meet our Consulting & Training Team.

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