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Intermittent Gas Lift Application

About the Course

Intermittent gas lift is an artificial oil producing method, mostly applied on the low productivity wells at mature fields. The course provides the comprehensive knowledge for optimizing, designing and trouble analysis. The unique approach, developed through many years of practical work on intermittent gas lift application, leads to the development of powerful software suite called Glip (Gas Lift Intermittent Program) and it will be used during the course. The evaluation of problems in intermittent gas lift application is based on the recognition of symptoms sourced from two-pen chart diagrams. Simulation of downhole conditions is possible by using just information from two-pen diagram (casing and tubing pressure). The participants will be educated to perform full sensitivity analysis to define the optimum parameters (duration of cycle, number of cycle per day, gas injection rate, intermittent performance curve etc.) of intermittent gas lift operation.

Designed for

Operation engineers involved in every-day activities. Field supervisors and engineers responsible for design and optimization of intermittent gas lift, technicians responsible for monitoring and data selection.

You will Learn

  • The principles of intermittent gas lift operation
  • How to design intermittent lift wells
  • To analyze and diagnose the problems of well operating by intermittent lift
  • Practical recommendation to manage intermittent wells
  • To use effectively the unique software suite for intermittent well operation (Glip) developed by CMS Prodex

Course Outline

  • Intermittent gas lift operation
  • Intermittent gas lift theory and model
  • Design methods
    • Spacing factors
    • Percent load
    • Opti-flow
  • Unloading of intermittent gas lift installations
  • Practical examples of well unloading
  • Post trouble analysis
  • Quantitative two-pen chart analysis model
  • Qualitative two-pen chart analysis
  • Trouble matrices
  • Two-pen chart library
  • Case studies
  • Downhole pressure and temperature surveys
  • Flowing pressure and temperature procedure
  • Field cases of intermittent pressure surveys
  • Optimization based on pressure surveys

Course length and price to be agreed.


Available Sessions

We do not currently have any public sessions scheduled for this course. If you would like this course taught at your location, or for any other information, please contact us.

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