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Workovers and Completions Best Practices

About the Course

In meeting the challenges of today’s economics, operating companies are investigating the possibilities of using various completion techniques to reduce the cost of developing reserves. The proper selected completion scheme can reduce the expenses and time to finalize the started operations in the well.

Any subsequent operations for preparing well for long production life are referred to well completion and workover. However, changes might occur in the reservoir, nearwellbore zone and the completion equipment itself could be damaged. Therefore it becomes necessary to service or workover the well so to maintain/ improve oil and gas production or performance of injection well.

During the course the deep dive into well completions and workovers will be used for better understanding of various factors on selection the best completion models and workover operations. The integrated approach will be used to involve a wide variety of operations that often are required to resolve a specific problem and to propose the required solutions.

Numerous technology workflows bring at glance the best practices for each workover operations and direct a user through all phases of well completion and workover operations (well candidate selection, planning, execution, monitoring/real time control and post job evaluation.

Designed for

Production, reservoir and field personnel involved with gathering and interpreting data. Completion and field personnel actively engaged in well completion and services.

You will Learn

  • Completion models for various type of well geometry
  • Completion and workover best practices methodology
  • Workover types/categories
  • Detailed workflows for various workovers

Course Outline

  • Well completions objectives
  • Factors influencing on well completion-geological, fluid properties, reservoir performance, mechanical and economical constraints
  • Completion design considerations and design workflow
  • Material selection for downhole and surface equipment
  • Tubing/Packer Movement, Forces and Stress Analysis
  • Workover types and classification
  • Gather & Review data, well selection for workover and job planning
  • Post workover job analysis
  • Evaluation workover efficiency using various KPI

Course length and price to be agreed.


Available Sessions

We do not currently have any public sessions scheduled for this course. If you would like this course taught at your location, or for any other information, please contact us.

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