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Oil & Gas Upstream

In order to optimize the value of an asset it is necessary to understand the system by modeling the components into an integrated well or production system model. This model can then be used to optimize the system by modeling the effects of changes in the reservoir inflow performance, produced fluids and gas and production system parameters for a single well or a complete field.

CMS Prodex offer unique benefits by providing the following consulting in Oil & Gas projects:

  • Oil & Gas reserves improvement
  • Oil recovery enhancement
  • Well performance improvement
  • Solution for entire life of a well that will satisfy your needs and optimize well operation
  • Specific analysis, designs and monitoring services for oil and gas well operating through one of the artificial lift system
  • Specific troubleshooting services in petroleum engineering (artificial lift systems, technical evaluations for improving operations and troubleshooting in downstream/refineries operations)
  • Specific front-end design, system analysis and field development solutions
  • Audit and analysis of customer operations
  • Project development and management in upstream and downstream petroleum business
  • Introduction of the new technology solutions
  • Managing project for increasing energy efficiency of the production system by reduction CAPEX and OPEX
  • Exploration, production and using geothermal energy
  • Asset value maximization through expert evaluation and optimizations
  • Decision support enhancement

We performs a variety of services related to the upstream sector of the petroleum industry, including evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential of exploration areas, estimation and classification of reserves to be recovered from new discoveries, verification of hydrocarbon reserves, production forecasting, and appraisal of properties. CMS Prodex offers services such as those listed below:

  • Well log interpretation and formation characterization
    • Open hole log interpretation
    • Cased hole log interpretation
  • Geological modeling
    • Structural modeling
    • Property modeling (facies and petrophysical modeling)
    • Volumetrics
  • Full field reservoir development planning
  • EOR evaluation
  • Field re-development plan
  • Fluid characterization
  • Well test design and analysis
  • 3D dynamic simulation
    • Stream line modeling
    • Black-oil modeling
    • Compositional modeling
  • Well completion design
  • Well performance calculations
  • Artificial lift selection, design and optimization
  • Feasibility, preliminary and detailed cost studies
  • Surface facilities conceptual design and FEED
  • Oil and gas processing and transportation
  • Field management
  • Production operations support

Every of the listed services can be stand-alone services and/or a part of the Integrated field studies.


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