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Oil & Gas Downstream

CMS Prodex is in position to offer you solutions in downstream. We are focused on: strategic analysis, profitability studies, project development, project management and technical services.

Strategic Analysis

Our experts can participate to define better the short, medium and long term planning activities. Some of the services include: prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies, LP analysis, techno-economical analysis, business plans, modernization programs, revamp studies, investment planning, environmental studies and market analysis.

Profitability Studies

Relating to client requirements we are capable to provide the following: yield improvements, capacity changes, products quality improvements, loss reduction, feed optimization, energy saving, software systems management improvement, process and product quality control system implementation.

Project Development

During all phases of project development, CMS Prodex can offer assistance, including: preparation of documentation for invitation to bid, evaluation of proposals, selection of both licensor of technology and contractor and evaluation of alternate technical / technological solution of problems.

Project Management

CMS Prodex can provide assistance during all phases of project implementation including: supervision of basic engineering design package, supervision of detailed engineering, project management consultant, services for engineering, procurement and construction, purchasing of equipment, construction and pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up.

Technical Services

Our consultants can offer technical assistance to the refineries operations. This can include different technical evaluations for improving operations and troubleshooting to resolve any operations problems. Also, we can provide coordination with the suppliers of technology or equipment and defend the position of the refiners in order to obtain the required support from such suppliers.


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